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How To Get More Free Dropbox Space

One of the big advantages of using Dropbox is that you always have your files, whether or not you have a connection means works even when offline. Dropbox is one of the best file synchronization tools around, and offer 2GB of Dropbox for free, with normal subscriptions. Following tips will help you to get more storage capacity on Dropbox.
Dropbox Free

Tips To Get More Free Dropbox Space

  • Referrals : Many people already using Dropbox and tried the referral system of Dropbox. With help of referral system, For every friend who joins and installs Dropbox, will get 250 MB of bonus space to both account holder(up to a limit of 8 GB)!
  • After registration you will see “Getting Started” tab on top navigation. If you complete five of the steps under that tab, Dropbox will give you an extra 250 MB of space for free. These steps are very easy as mentioned below.
      1. Take the Dropbox tour
      2. Install Dropbox on your computer
      3. Put files in your Dropbox folder
      4. Install Dropbox on other computers you use
      5. Share a folder with friends or colleagues
      6. Invite some friends to join Dropbox
      7. Install Dropbox on your mobile device
  • Once you completed five of the steps you will for increase of 250 MB of Dropbox space.

Connect Dropbox to Your Social Media Accounts

Dropbox Free
If you are social media addict and user of twitter and Facebook, you can get up to 512 MB of free space by simple tasks providing on the Dropbox’s “Free” page like connect your Dropbox account with twitter, connect with Facebook and follow Dropbox on twitter and the last one tweet about Dropbox to get free Dropbox space.

Double Your Dropbox Space With Student Account

Dropbox For Student
Another great news for students to get double Dropbox space by verifying .edu email address on Dropbox “edu” page.

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