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Bin Laden Execution Video Link Scam On Facebook.

After the death of terror mastermind and hide & seek champion Osama bin Laden, now it’s time for cyber criminals to take advantage of the most hot news of the world and try to infect new computers. I read about this scam on Quick Heal’s official blog.
Facebook Scam
If you get email notification about a new video about Osama’s execution exclusive from CNN than please don’t view that link because it’s some kind of scam by cyber criminals. There is no such video released by CNN or any other news agency about Bin Laden’s execution. The message you may receive from your friends on your Facebook wall are result of infection by the worm that spreads from infected accounts to all the friend connections and from there those who click on the link get infected. Once infected it again spreads to all the friends connection from that newly infected profile.

Quick Heal Says that :

We recommend all our users to not to open any such video links received on your Facebook wall or even through email attachments. Cyber criminals are making extensive use of this latest news to reach and infect as many new victims as possible.

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