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Enable Facebook Subscribe Button On Your Profile

Recently Facebook added new subscribe feature on the profile page which seems to have lot in common with Twitter follow. There is only one difference between Facebook subscribe and twitter follow – following someone on Twitter will show you all their shares whereas subscribe to someone on Facebook can show you only stuff that they have specifically made ‘public.’

Facebook subscribe button is not visible default on your profile page. Allowing subscribers is a simple way to broaden your conversation on Facebook, while reserving personal updates for people you know well. To enable subscribe button simply navigate to Facebook Subscribe page and click on Allow Subscribers, that’s all. Now a Subscribe button will show up on your profile. Your public updates will appear in people’s News Feeds once they click this button.

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2 thoughts on “Enable Facebook Subscribe Button On Your Profile”

  1. Good , this is going to be awesome for social media. But one thing to be careful of for personal accounts is internet that any limitation for this button?


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