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Write Killer Content With The Help Of Google Scribe

Google launched Google Scribe on Google Labs last year but very fewer people know about Google Scribe. Google Scribe helps you to write SEO friendly posts and documents. Using information from what you have already typed in a document, Google Scribe’s auto text completion service provides related word or phrase completion suggestions. Google Scribe also checks your documents for incorrect phrases, punctuations, and other errors like misspellings.
Proof Reading
This whole article was fully composed in Google Scribe. It saved a bit of typing and time, Google Scribe’s suggestions indicate correct or popular phrases to use which help you to get better search engine ranking.

Key Features Of Google Scribe.

Google Scribe provides features that help you to write high quality articles quickly.

1. Automatic Link Text suggestions.

Automatic Link Text suggestions
Adding a hyperlink to your article has been a two-step process of choosing the link and the text to display for it. Google Scribe makes it easier, simply paste or type any link into your article and Google Scribe will set an appropriate link text.

2. Google Scribe Smart Toolbar

Google Scribe Smart Toolbar
Some times you reaching out to the toolbar to format your document, Google Scribe provides you with an Editing Toolbar like in any Rich editor. Whenever you select any part of the document, an abridged toolbar appears close-by to speed up your formatting.

3. Auto Text completion in 12 languages

Auto Complete
Google Scribe auto-completes text as you type in editor. Google Scribe saves keystrokes and suggestions indicate correct or popular phrases to use which helps better ranking. Google Scribe auto-detects document language, so no need to choose a language. Currently auto-complete support to Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish in addition to English.

4. Google Scribe Semantic Proofreading

Google Scribe has basic support for checking spelling, punctuation and phrases in your article. Google Scribe underlines incorrect usage and clicking on underlined words or phrases will display a menu of suggested corrections to choose from. You can select the correction by clicking on it or hit ENTER.

5. Google Scribe Bookmarklet

Google Scribe can be used anywhere, on any web page, using the Google Scribe Bookmarklet. Simply drag the Google Scribe Bookmarklet to Bookmarks toolbar (or Favorites toolbar depending on your browser). To use Google Scribe on a web page, click on the Google Scribe Bookmarklet. Google Scribe will then enable itself on the active text field on the webpage. Enabled text fields display the icon at top end corner of the active field.

If you are Google Chrome user then you can use the Google Scribe extension for Google Chrome to access Google Scribe on any web page. The Google Scribe extension is more convenient to use the Google Scribe Bookmarklet – you won’t have to click on the Bookmarklet to load Google Scribe.

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