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How To Enable Video Calling In Facebook

After the success launch of Google+, which features video chatting and group calling feature, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced before few days that they are going to add new feature in Facebook and today they enable video calling facility in the Facebook chat, ability to make calls and video chat with a friend right from your Facebook profile.
Facebook Video Calling
Now you can hangout with your Facebook friends right from your Facebook dashboard.

How To Enable Video Chat

Facebook video chat is not enable in your profile but you have to follow few simple steps and a small download of a plugin that will get you started with Facebook Video Chat. To get Facebook Video Calling feature Point your browser to and click on Get Started. As you click a small plugin call “FacebookVideoCallSetup” will be download. Just install it and you will find a video call button at the top of your chatting window. Now you can start video calling and chat with other friends too. Enjoy Video Chat.

Do let us know if you have any queries or if you have any more suggestions or points which I might have missed, do let us know the experience of Facebook Video Calling via comment.

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21 thoughts on “How To Enable Video Calling In Facebook”

  1. Hi i am also facing the same trouble….
    please help to resolve it………

    Every time I click on to install video calling, instead of seeing the “Get Started” button, I see “Video calling will be available soon
    Please check back later.” I’ve been trying to install it for days now, any idea why this may be?

    • Hi, It seems that facebook currently stop to serve the facebookvideocalling setup file. I have installed on my that’s why able to see the get started button. Also I have the setup file but don’t know is it ok to upload else were or not, So I am not sharing with anyone. You need setup file once to start video calling.

  2. hey, i was just trying to chat with my cousin, and it worked, but he said he hit the screen caps button and it crashed and now we’re getting and “unavailable” message from it.

  3. uploaded this video calling but can’t see other person’s camera. we can both see mine, and they can see theirs, but i can’t see theirs. how do i fix this?

  4. Hi, I am also facing the same problem too though i have installed the plugin.Back few days my profile served the function of video calling but now that button is not vissible.

  5. Hello Manish,

    It’s working for me only if my friends calling me from the US. I have reinstalled my Facebook video calling plugin twice but still I can’t see the video calling ICON on my home page or chat window. Also, I asked many of friends who are put up in Bangalore they are also facing the same problem. Do you have any idea how to sort out this problem?

  6. When I click call buton . that is not worked.
    Please Help me. Are you get solution please send me message
    Please help me my Friends

  7. Hi, I have installed video chat and the button is seen on my chat box but whenever I try to make or receive a call its asking for set up and the whole process is repeating everytime

  8. so all i see is negative comments not 1 person said great i love it and it works flawlessly i have an issue im using firefox 8 i downloaded the plugin it said it installed but wen i open firefox it isnt installed in plugins and when anyone calls me i jsut get another prompt to download the plugin again it sucks

  9. Should I trade my Toshiba Thrive tablet for a I pad 2 which one is better will I pad 2 allow me to play words w friends on face book and video chat on face book because my Toshiba thrive w honeycomb system does not let me play words w friends on Facebook or video chat on Facebook so if I pad 2 doesn’t either then why change Can any one give me an answer please

  10. Sir, I’d like to ask how to see the person that I’m talking to over the video call feature of facebook, because the video that I can see on my laptop is the video of myself the same is true to my friends..,Thank you..


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