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Facebook Timeline Now Available Worldwide

Today Facebook has announced on their official blog that Facebook Timeline is now available to all users worldwide. Before Timeline was only available to the developers and not to the all users.

After you upgrade to timeline, Facebook allows you seven days to check everything that appears publicly on your timeline before anyone else can see it. And if you want to publish your Timeline in the time of review you are free but if you are wait and not publish than it will automatically publish after seven days.

As this is major update in Facebook some people are not happy with Timeline and want still old Facebook profile but you can’t revert to old profile as Facebook is beginning to force it upon everyone.

Update : If you still not get the Timeline than you can activate by visiting this link and simply click on “Get Timeline” button.

I have already Timeline enabled on my profile when Facebook make it available to developers and enjoyed it very much. Let me know the review of Timeline, also know when you get your Timeline via comment.

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