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64-bit Chrome browser for Windows is available in beta for download

Google released a 64-bit beta of the browser on Wednesday morning for Windows 7 and 8. The new 64-bit version of Google Chrome is still a beta, so don’t be surprised if a few bugs. The relatively short amount of time from the Canary and Dev channels suggest a stable release might not be too far away.


As noted before, the 64-bit version of Google Chrome browser should be faster compare to its 32-bit Chrome browser, especially in graphics and multimedia content, and safer because of its ability to leverage new OS features such as High Entropy ASLR on Windows 8. In addition, 64-bit Chrome should feel more stable than the 32-bit version, with fewer crashes during general use.

you can visit Google’s 64-bit Chrome beta page and download the new browser; Google promises that all of your saved information (passwords, bookmarks and the like) will migrate over to new version so there’s no need to uninstall a current installation of Chrome.

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