Speak And Translate With Google Chrome

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Google constantly working on new features in all their products and make it user-friendly. Recently Google announce new feature in Google translate on Google chrome official blog about new Chrome stable release: speech input through HTML. If you are user of Google chrome than you notice a small microphone icon while translating from English to other language. Now if you have microphone attached to with your computer, click microphone icon in google translate window and speak. Your voice will recognize and google translate that words in particular language selected by you.
Google Translate
Speech input through HTML is one of many new web technologies in the browser that help make innovative and useful web applications like Google Translate’s speech feature possible.

I tested this feature with some words and not found correct result due to improper pronunciation recognition. This feature is very helpful if you want to improve your English pronunciation.

  • ZugPoo

    Sounds like Chrome is actually pretty cool stuff man!

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    This speak button does not show on Firefox :(

    • http://thetechexpress.com Manish Patel

      Yes, you are right. Currently speak button only visible in Google chrome browser. Download latest Google chrome and try.

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    Great service from Google (Translate by voice or text)