Play Angry Birds Now On Your Windows PC

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Angry Birds, the most famous video game ever which hits more than 30 million download for Android smartphones now available for you Windows PC. Before few days the developer company Rovio Mobile of Angry Birds did released browser-based flash game.
Angry Birds For Windows PC
But this new game is native windows installer pack and provides awesome gaming experience. You can play game in full screen mode or resize the game window. You can download the free working demo with all the initial levels unlocked but to access the full game you will have to buy an activation key which costs $4.95. You can buy the activation keys for the games using PayPal or your credit card. They will send activation key via email, enter this activation key into the “Activate full version” dialog in the game to unlock all the levels and golden egg extra content, and access content updates.

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  • maria

    cel mai tare joc

    • Manish Patel

      No, this game is not hardest but easy to play and you should know how the all different birds work.

      • Jenni

        Yes, I’ve a chance play this game before, it’s so funny!

  • david

    angry birds almost all may friends favorite game